BigCommerce B2B Edition –
NetSuite Connector

Installation Manual

Our connector comes as a NetSuite Bundle

BigSynapps is in charge of:

  • Installing the Bundle 
  • Setting up the Configuration Record 
  • Doing the Initial Data Migration 
  • Making sure the connector is ready to use 

Our team will be available for any further support needed.  All of this is included in the setup fee.

How to install a NetSuite Bundle?

  1. We will need access with Administrator role. 

  2. Go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles, then choose the bundle you want to install. (B2B Edition NetSuite Connector by BigSynapps) 

  3. Review the Preview Bundle Install Page.
    This page lists the bundle objects that will be installed (or, for configuration bundles, the settings that will be copied). Here, you can indicate how to resolve conflicts between bundle objects and target account objects with the same names or script IDs, set installation preferences for some objects, and lock some objects so target account users cannot change them. 

  4. When you are ready, click the Install Bundle button to begin the installation process.

  5. After you have started the process of installing a bundle in a target account by clicking the Install Bundle button on the Preview Bundle Install page, the Installed Bundles page displays. 

  6. If the installation is not complete, the Status column displays the percentage of installation progress. 

  7. If the installation is complete, the Status column displays a green check. 

  8. The time required to install the bundle depends on the size of the bundle. You can continue work in NetSuite during the time that the bundle installs.

Setup by BigSynapps

The first thing we do is install a bundle on Netsuite that comes with a series of Saved Searches and Suite Scripts. 

The Saved Searches manage the data we want to sync and the Scripts trigger the flows to be run between NetSuite and B2B Edition. 

IMPORTANT: The Saved Searches come with already populated mandatory fields, if any of those fields is deleted, the script won’t be able to run and the information won’t sync. 

With the Bundle installation comes a Configuration Record, where we save all the important information like BigCommerce Credentials, Endpoints and Tokens. 

After setting up the credentials, we move into the Initial data migration 

This consists on syncing from Netsuite to BigCommerce: 

NetSuite BigCommerce B2B Edition
Customer = Company Company
Customer = Individual Customer
Contact Customer Company User
Sales Rep Super Admin

After we have all the records on B2B, we assign the Sales Reps (now Super Admins on B2B) to each company. 

Unlike other solutions, our connector maintains the hierarchy structures between NetSuite and B2B Edition. 

After the initial data migration is done by us, it’s all set up to start syncing the real time data. 

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Why should you trust us?

BigSynapps is powered by Tavano Team, an award-winning, leading eCommerce digital agency, and long-time partners of BigCommerce and Oracle-NetSuite.

Their team of NetSuite Professionals will set up the sync between BigCommerce B2B Edition and NetSuite seamlessly, without third-party elements.