B2B Edition-NetSuite Connector

Purpose-built connection between BigCommerce B2B Edition and NetSuite

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A specific, high-performing solution for integrating BigCommerce B2B Edition with NetSuite fully and deeply.

Built by NetSuite Experts for NetSuite B2B Merchants

B2B eCommerce just got easier! You can now connect NetSuite and BigCommerce B2B Edition tightly, and seamlessly, without a third-party iPaaS solution.

BigCommerce B2B Edition to NetSuite
Real-time Connection

Direct Connection

Real-Time Data Sync

Built Into NetSuite

No Third-Party Elements

Why is it different?

Connecting NetSuite and BigCommerce with an iPaaS solution is easy. But you’re missing your B2B Edition connection!

The B2B Edition-NetSuite Connector fills this gap, as it was explicitly designed to solve this problem.


What does a seamless connection look like?


Your 6-step process towards a fully synced B2B eCommerce experience


Download and read the full scope


Request your demo and/or consultation call


Fill out a quick form with basic information to better understand your case


Pick a date and time from our calendar


Meet our dev team and get started with implementation


Enjoy all the benefits of connecting B2B Edition with NetSuite deeply!

The B2BEdition-NetSuite Connection includes


Leverage the full capabilities of B2B Edition within NetSuite

No third-party elements, apps, platforms, or products needed. 

Sync BigCommerce B2B Edition‘s powerful capabilities directly with your NetSuite ERP.

BigCommerce B2B Edition Reviews

BundleB2B iS a game changer! Without it, we wouldn’t have the tools and functionality we need to scale up our business while keeping overhead costs down.
Tom Ellingson
Owner – Pacific Gate Works

Who is it for?

BigCommerce B2B merchants using NetSuite to power their business

The BigCommerce B2B Edition-NetSuite Connector was thought and developed with the final user in mind. In this case, BigCommerce B2B merchants using NetSuite.

Save time, money, and resources with streamlined and direct connections between the pieces of your BigCommerce eCommerce ecosystem.


B2B Edition — NetSuite Connector


Setup Fee
$ 3500


$ 2880
BigCommerce— NetSuite Connector


Setup Fee
$ 3500


$ 2880
If both!


Setup Fee
$ 5600


$ 4608

* If you do the website implementation with us the Setup Fees are waived.



Setup Fee
$ 4900


Yearly License
$ 4500
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Why should you trust us?

BigSynapps is powered by Tavano Team, an award-winning, leading eCommerce digital agency, and long-time partners of BigCommerce and Oracle-NetSuite.

Their team of NetSuite Professionals will set up the sync between BigCommerce B2B Edition and NetSuite seamlessly, without third-party elements.


BigCommerce B2B Edition is an agile solution for B2B, combining the speed and ease of use of our powerful native eCommerce functionality with a focus on scalability, so merchants can connect to mission-critical systems and best-of-breed solutions.


BigCommerce B2B Edition has core capabilities that allow users to easily manage front-end and back-end B2B processes. Also, it can be utilized to fit the B2B needs of any growing eCommerce business. These features are:

  • B2B Customer Account Management
  • B2B All-in-One Ordering Tools
  • B2B Quoting Management
  • B2B Invoice & Payment Management


Browse all BigCommerce B2B Edition core features.

The migration of sales orders, invoices or payments is not included for the time being.

For more information, make sure to request your copy of the full scope.

BigCommerce B2B Edition is an extension of BigCommerce, and was built exclusively for B2B merchants of BigCommerce, coupling existing enterprise-focused capabilities with advanced, easily configurable B2B functionality that saves time, automates manual processes and shortens sales cycles.

The BigCommerce B2B Edition-NetSuite Connector allows one license per website.

For more information, make sure to request your copy of the full scope.

Yes. You will need to connect BigCommerce with NetSuite prior to purchasing the BigCommerce B2B Edition-NetSuite Connector. 

Contact our team for guidance on the best way to get it done.

Connect BigCommerce B2B Edition with NetSuite today for a stronger B2B eCommerce experience.

If you accessed the scope and are ready to move forward, request your demo now!