BigCommerce-NetSuite Connector

A specific and tailored, high-performing solution for integrating BigCommerce with NetSuite fully and deeply.


The BigCommerce Connector for NetSuite by BigSynapps is a one-stop solution for integrating BigCommerce directly and seamlessly with NetSuite ERP.

Built by NetSuite Experts for NetSuite Merchants

With the power of our BigCommerce-NetSuite Connector, you can fully integrate your NetSuite ERP data with your BigCommerce store, making every step of the eCommerce process faster and smoother.


Built by NetSuite Experts for NetSuite Merchants

An out-of-the-box solution developed to help B2C and B2B BigCommerce merchants integrate their eCommerce store front with NetSuite ERP. The solution is customizable, scalable, and 100% built natively into NetSuite by NetSuite experts.

What does a seamless connection look like?


BigCommerce to NetSuite
Real-time Connection

Direct Connection

Real-Time Data Sync

Built Into NetSuite

No Third-Party Elements

The BigCommerce to NetSuite Connector includes

Installation and initial configurations:

Initial data migration:

BigCommerce Connector for NetSuite

Included Flows

All Flows Included In Development
NS item > BC Product - CREATE checkmark-icon .
NetSuite Inventory <-> BigCommerce Inventory checkmark-icon .
NS Customer > B2B Edition Company checkmark-icon .
NetSuite Customer/Contact/Address info > B2B Company checkmark-icon .
NetSuite “Catalog ID” -> BigCommerce Price List (customer specific price workflow) checkmark-icon .
NS Customer Specific Price > BigCommerce Price Lists checkmark-icon .
BigCommerce orders w/ customer info > NS order w/ customer info (B2B and B2C) checkmark-icon .
NetSuite invoice payments > B2B Edition “Offline Payment” creation checkmark-icon .
NetSuite Invoice w/ Line Item detail -> B2B Edition Invoice w/ Line Item detail checkmark-icon .
NS Billing reconciliation from the order for funds received with auth / capture workflow for credit card orders checkmark-icon .
B2B Invoice Payments > NS Invoice Payment Reconciliation checkmark-icon .
NS Fulfillment > BigCommerce shipment checkmark-icon .
Migration of NetSuite Sales Reps to BigCommerce B2B Edition Super Admins checkmark-icon .
Contacts associated with a Company to B2B Edition Company Users checkmark-icon .
Associating SuperAdmins to their corresponding Companies in B2B Edition (Please note that this is only supported for the installation phase, new Companies should have their Super Admin associated directly in B2B Edition) checkmark-icon .
Sync BigCommerce B2B Edition Companies to NetSuite Companies checkmark-icon .
Sync BigCommerce B2B Edition Company Users to NetSuite Company Contacts checkmark-icon .
Sync Commerce Categories from NetSuite to BigCommerce (for items) checkmark-icon .
NS item > BC Product - UPDATE checkmark-icon .
Attach tracking info checkmark-icon .
Partial fulfillments checkmark-icon .
NS refund > BC refund (both on “account” and “credit cards” orders) . Coming Soon
NS order cancellation > BC order cancellation . Coming Soon
Customer Group assignment B2C . Coming Soon
Populate PO field for net terms/pay on account orders checkmark-icon .

What makes it stand out?

With years of experience, deep knowledge, and technical expertise, we have developed a connector that helps merchants keep their businesses up to date with no effort.

Sync orders, customers, and items between your BigCommerce store and your NS ERP with no iPass solution or other third-party software needed. An all-in-one solution, to make your business simpler.


Your 6-step process toward a fully synced eCommerce experience


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Enjoy all the benefits of connecting BigCommerce with NetSuite deeply!


BigCommerce is a SaaS eCommerce platform and the most trusted commerce solution provider. The openness and power of the BigCommerce platform empower you to focus on optimizing your business for growth.

You need a NetSuite account access with an administrator role and a BigCommerce store access.

The BigCommerce Connector for NetSuite allows one license per website. For more information, please read the full scope.

Flexibility to expose NetSuite custom field/attributes data to BigCommerce, Migration of Historical Sales Orders, and Customer-SubCustomer NetSuite hierarchy is not supported. For more information, please read the full scope.


Leverage the full capabilities of BigCommerce-NetSuite Connector

No third-party elements, apps, platforms, or products needed. Sync BigCommerce powerful capabilities directly with your NetSuite ERP.

Connecting BigCommerce B2B Edition with NetSuite

The BigCommerce Connector for NetSuite by BigSynapps also connects BigCommerce B2B Edition with NetSuite ERP seamlessly.

The connection of BigCommerce B2B Edition is independent to the connection of BigCommerce with NetSuite ERP. 

This means merchants can choose to connect only BigCommerce B2B Edition to NetSuite ERP if they have already secured their BigCommerce to NetSuite connection through a third-party iPaas solution. 


What does a seamless connection
look like?




BigCommerce Reviews

I like that includes so many elements that you would have to pay separately for on other platforms. It integrates with so many marketplace platforms as well. It's user friendly so that a beginner can start right away. The tutorials that BigCommerce offers really help with any level one may be on.
Rick L
CEO – Review via G2


BigCommerce Connector for NetSuite (B2C + B2B Edition)


Setup Fee
$ 5600


$ 4608
BigCommerce — NetSuite Connection


Setup Fee
$ 3500


$ 2880
BigCommerce B2B Edition — NetSuite Connection


Setup Fee
$ 3500


$ 2880

* If you do the website implementation with us the Setup Fees are waived.

Pricing — Recurring Maintenance Fee

What does it include?

Reach the full potential of your eCommerce business by merging BigCommerce and NetSuite together.

Real-time data sync, seamless integration, no third-party elements needed. Made by NetSuite experts for NetSuite users.

Who is it for?

BigCommerce merchants using NetSuite to power their business.

If you use both BigCommerce and NetSuite for your eCommerce business, and you want to optimize your business moves, then this is for you.

Save time, money, and resources with streamlined and direct connections between the pieces of your BigCommerce ecosystem.



Setup Fee
$ 4900


Yearly License
$ 4500
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Why should you trust us?

BigSynapps is powered by Tavano Team, an award-winning, leading eCommerce digital agency, and long-time partners of BigCommerce and Oracle-NetSuite.

Their team of NetSuite  Professionals will set up the sync between BigCommerce B2B Edition and NetSuite seamlessly, without third-party elements.

Connect BigCommerce with NetSuite today for a stronger eCommerce experience.

If you accessed the scope and are ready to move forward, request your demo now!